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We aim to resolve misperceptions while pushing progress forward in a respectful and meaningful way.

Experienced and culturally sensitive, our services will help build positive and relationships between industry and First Nations. As an Indigenous company, we have a genuine understanding of Indigenous history and culture that lends toward positive dialogue with First Nation and Indigenous communities. Our direct relationship with high-level government and industry sectors  offers our First Nation and Indigenous clients the benefit of expedited processes with respectful dialogue.



Expert advice on practices and policies that impact First Nations, Indigenous communities, industry and government relations.



Collaboration and respecting the wholistic community perspective helps us develop community-based solutions through partnerships and sound decision-making processes.


Community Based

We assist with Indigenous engagement, consultation and accommodation advice and direction in a number of different sectors.

Experienced and culturally sensitive, our services helps build brydges between Industry and First Nations

Saga Williams, Principle Owner

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Since 2001

By assisting Indigenous communities in the process of economic sustainability, AS Williams Consulting believes that together this lays the foundation for good governance and positive community development.  Our goal is to assist Indigenous communities to utilize their collective strength to become full participants in the Canadian economy and provide their citizens with spiritual, cultural, economic and professional opportunities.  

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At AS Williams Consulting, we provide expert advice and consultation services to organizations and businesses with First Nation, Métis and Inuit interests.

We also support community-led initiatives including capacity building, governance and policy development and help to manage and develop relationships with First Nation and Métis leadership and community members.

In leading and advising communities on claim processes, AS Williams Consulting demonstrates a commitment to finding solutions that strengthen the partnerships among Indigenous communities, governments and the private sector.

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We also have a proven record in developing engagement and accommodation programs and agreements for resource development.

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We have experience is meeting regulatory requirements regarding Aboriginal Consultation for successful project approvals.

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We are your best resource in building a positive and collaborative relationship for industry and Indigenous communities.
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Through a commitment to building positive partnerships  and with a collaborative approach  we can always find common ground.

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Questions And Answers

We have not lost a negotiation and we continue to make successful collaborations.

We would love to help you win but we would love it more if we could help you win responsibly.

We provide transparent discussions with our clients and we hold client information in the strictest of confidence.

No, we are an independent consulting firm with an Indigenous background.

We have office hours listed on our contact page but you may email us anytime day or night.

We can help you identify the land you are on and help connect you with a suitable contact for moving forward.

Not only do we facilitate, consult and negotiate, we can also help you find the right legal team/counsel for your specific needs.

We will do the groundwork to help you make informed decisions. Your proposal and or project will be researched and vetted.